Premiere Pro Media Replacement feature

Hello everyone! I am not super pro in Adobe Premiere. I have just received from Envato staff this letter when was trying to upload my Premiere template:

" Adobe recently implemented a new drag-and-drop placeholder feature, which we now require to be used for all newly-submitted projects that include replaceable media.
Please add this new drag-and-drop feature to your project, rather than forcing customers to open After Effects to replace media files.
For more information, please read the article below for details on using the new feature: "

I work in Adobe After Effects CC 2018 and it doesn’t have such feature for Essential Graphics (I can’t add any media to Essential Graphics panel). As I understood only After Effects CC 2021 has this feature and Premiere Pro 2021 as well? Right? No?..


Yep, only CC 2021 has this feature.

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This way only those who have Premiere Pro 2021 can use Premiere Pro template purchased on Videohive? So strange… From this moment customers can’t use them if they have only CC 2018 version?.. Strange…

CC is subscription based service. Everyone has access to the latest versions. Of course, if they have legal software and 16GB ram.

All authors should be using legally purchased software to create their content. Since Adobe has been a subscription based software for many years now, if you have CC2018, then you would have access to free automatic updates to the latest version of CC2021.

Thank you! One more question: how to export audio composition with .mgrt file if it is trimmed?

“Trimming and applied time effects on Media Replacement layers will be ignored when the Motion Graphics template is applied in Premiere Pro”.

This way customer will have to adjust audio in Premiere Pro manually?

Audio should not be exported inside of the .mogrt. Any music, sound effects, or other audio tracks should be provided externally so the customer can add them as a separate layer in Premiere.