Can i convert mogrt for Premiere Pro 2021 to mogrt for Premiere Pro 2018

Can i convert mogrt for Premiere Pro 2021 to mogrt for Premiere Pro 2018 or 2019 or 2020,…?
I have Adobe Pr & Ae 2021,…
But i want use mogrt in Pr 2019…

There are some changes in mogrt version 2019 & 2021 like supporting certain controllers so I think it will not work in older version. If its performance issue, just import the mogrt in after effects 2021 & use it that way. There used to be plugin for after effects for opening file in lower version( pt_OpenSesame) but I don’t think it support CC versions.


You can convert, but as mentioned by @santoshw7885 Premiere Pro 2021 MOGRTs support media replacement feature - for quickly inserting logos or photos to the MOGRT file. Premiere Pro 2020 and 2019 doesn’t have this feature. So if you convert 2021 MOGRT with this feature to 2019, you won’t be able to use quick media replacement, and the project might be broken overall.

But if the project you’re trying to convert doesn’t use such media placeholders, then you can convert it to PR 2019. To do that you will need to have 2019 After Effects version and then:

  1. In After Effects 2021 open the MOGRT file
  2. Choose where to extract the MOGRT
  3. Then go to File - Save - Save a copy.16.x…
  4. Quit AE 2021, and open AE 2019 and in it open the file you just exported from AE2021
  5. Finally use the Essential Graphics panel in AE to export the MOGRT
  6. Open it in Premire 2019 and enjoy :smiley:

I hope this helps!