Fixing a .mogrt file in AE and recreating for use in Premiere Pro

I need help with the process of fixing something that I downloaded from Envato. The opener entitled “Inspire Photo Opener” is an awesome .mogrt file that works wonderfully. I downloaded it (the AE and PR files) and modified it by inserting my pictures and wording. However, I noticed during the playback that there are filler words (the gibberish that is just a placeholder) in the background. I tried finding the place where this could be modified in Premiere Pro but there is no way to take out the wording. I opened the Adobe After Effects file and I figured out how to remove the wording. However, I have no idea how to recreate the .mogrt file so that I can use it in Premiere Pro, inserting the appropriate pictures in the modified .mogrt file. Can someone please help me figure out how to create the new .mogrt using the modified AE file?