.mogrt file will not open in Premier Pro CC 2019

I downloaded Clean Elegant Rotation Title, which has a .mogrt file.
Premier Pro CC2019 does not recognize this file. Is there a solution?

To use a .mogrt file in Adobe Premiere, you can’t use it by just opening it. You have to install it instead. To do so, please:

  • open Adobe Premiere
  • navigate to Adobe Premiere Menu -> Graphics -> Install Motion Graphics Template-> browse to your .mogrt file -> click Install
  • then, you’ll be able to find and use the installed title (Clean Elegant Rotation Title) when navigating to Adobe Premiere Menu -> Window -> Essential Graphics.
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Thanks. That worked!

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MOGRT files and view a list of programs that open them. An MOGRT contains a motion graphics template created by After Effects for use in Premiere Pro!