Many tracks accepted each day... but?

I’m sure this has been covered before and probably by me :wink:, but…
I was thinking about the different genres and which may be worth writing for as a change? I had a look at rock and corporate for a start, which I have submitted for, but seem very competitive. There are usually 2-3 pages of great tracks uploaded every day but with few sales? I assume it’s in hope of creating a winner track or acceptance for the featured page?

Do you find it better to write for niche genres, a style you find natural or take a different approach?

Any thoughts?

Just do what you want to do with proper quality, on regular basis and promotion if you can.

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It’s all about the ratio between the total sales / month and total new tracks / month. The most competed genres tend to have quite good sales / month but the overall ratio is skewed so that it is really hard to gain good sales. It’s more like a lottery.

Genres that are not that competitive give the tunes longer visibility but overall sales tend to be lower as well. Hence it’s about tactic: do you aim to get lucky and get hundreds of sales for some tune even if that never happens or will you get 5-10 sales from many tunes throughout the year?