Low traffic & no sale

Hello everyone,
my items have an average of around 2 visits a day & no sale
any advices …

Somebody asked exactly the same question not along go… and worded it almost exactly the same as well, strangely enough:

so what is your conclusion? lol this do not necessarily mean that this is the same guy … but maybe that a lot of people go through the same reality …

keep on working hard and doing your best , at this stage , u have only one item and no one knows u … create a lot of items, get them accepted, then promote them , and start doing the same again with the next product and u will see that , at a time, sales and so on will come … here this is not wonderland … u do not snap fingers and customers, sales and money do not fall from the sky, buddy lol this is the real life and if u want to make a place for yourself, especially at this moment, u have to work a lot and invest a lot of time so that , at a time, u can harvest the loom of your hard work. Try to figure this out. There are lots of items, authors and so on. Fo all people this is the same, even way older sellers, so just keep going and doing your best and everything will come at the right time for whoever can wait for his time :slight_smile:

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I’m just curious who are these masses of authors saying their averages are around 100 visits a day? I’ve not encountered any. I mean, yeah, there will be plenty of authors who get 100 visits a day, but it’s not like that’s the average or the norm. Some might get thousands a day, some might get one a week.

but who talked about this anyway? i have no idea why u talk about this …

I have no sales for 2 - 3 days and then boom, 6 sales in one day - :slight_smile: you can’t predict anything this days

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so @SpaceStockFootage, tell me the difference between “masses of authors saying their averages are around 100 visits a day” that you’ve never heard of and your statement that “there will be plenty of authors who get 100 visits a day”? I fail to get any coherent inference from what you posted.

that’s encouraging :slight_smile:

My point is that with 20k authors or whatever it is, even if hundreds of them are saying they get 100 views a day, there’s probably just as many authors saying they get a lot less than 100, and a lot more than 100 views a day… and even if they are, it’s such a low sample size that no averages can be drawn from it.

okay, that’s a fair point

yes but what is a significant sample then? and most importantly how to get such a significant sample lol most of national surveys are made with very low rates of the population so basically they do not mean anything at all too lol :slight_smile:

Well I can’t recall any authors saying they get 100 views a day per item… although I’m sure there must be at least a handful who have. So yeah… more than just a handful!

Excuse me if I’m boring, do I need a third-party app to check the views or can I see them on an area of ​​my dashboard? Thank you!

hi buddy yeah but there are pros and cons for everything … here u have no selection in the entry but u have item reviewing, some other places are asking u to ask to open a shop, they select u or not and after u do what u like … here u have exposure from the front page in every category in some other places this is not what happens, all is mixed untl u do not get noticed at all … so basically there are some places more or less adapted to all people, the thing is that yes this is difficult as there are many people selling here but the exposure is still decent as long as u can manage to have a new item accepted on regular basis … now, as for the number of visit, this is cool if all is alright but smetimes u do not need tons to make decent sales and revenue, it also depends on how people come and what are their intentions all about

Ok, but I’m still curious, I like to see the statistics they help in sales, you can understand which items are in trend and which are the days purchases are concentrated etc. how can you see them?

yeah no doubt that i t may help … but let’s face it , so what in the end? in my case i had noticed that i had better exposure if my new item was approved during som days … nowadays u never know what is the queue and as regard to approvals there is no guaranty whatsoever …
i do not mean that analyzing is not necessary o helping, though u should be quite cautious with this … u are sometimes wandering how some guys can sell so much as regard to what they do (and sometimes how can they get approved and have so many items making it for sale indeed) … and in the end u realize that they have tons of slots in the first two pages and then all is becoming clearer, so u may consider that their items are “trendy” when indeed they are just give the best exposure as possible so in the end it sells, which does not mean this is good …

Ok I’ll take it with due caution, but how can I check views?