Low Sales Problem for Every Author in December Month

No sales in this month even after having a good traffic. We were selling 5 to 6 License each month.

Is this common for all authoers?

It’s that time of year again. First there was the big cyber week sale which absorbed all the attention and shuffled all of the item charts. Now there are holidays, a lot of extended vacations. I’m not sure that running a sale right now will produce the best results :sweat_smile:


Thanks for reply and it seems. However still as a seller (We are not part of multiple sales campiagn here), we should get few sales :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to you!

Stil No Sales since December month. Now I believe there is real issue with code selling as we have not sold out a single license since 2 month.

Is there anyone facing same issue with No Sales?

Weird! It’s been a pretty normal month for me, nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed the prices on your best sellers are rather high (relatively). I’m not saying that’s an issue, after all it makes sense given their nature, but perhaps people are less willing to invest so much into their ventures with the economy as it is right now.