Graphicriver Sales very low?

i think graphicriver sales is very low.

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I think so. this 2 weeks my sales drop almost 70%… Item review also take more than 7 days…


hi guys, i tend to believe that they are sightly down especially in a time which is leading to christmas and new year times … however it also depends much on how often u get to upload and have some items approved … long waiting times also do not help for that matter , but let me tell that the timing to introduce self pricing could not get any worst than the one that has been chosen … not only they were not ready for this in the first place and that this is a good reason for increased queuing (at this time , we still have series of upload waiting to be soft rejected so that people re-upload and put the price in the now updated form, which is crazy when u think about it …) by the way but in addition, they have been creating a lot of problems for all authors and buyers with the whole lot of new introductions, which is not helping either …

y the way , that maybe also a direct impact of selfpricing are u not ignoring that some guys made the most to raise prices (which is legitimate also in a way) but which make people maybe a bit less likely to buy … on the other hand some sellers dealing in some categories could not just keep their normal prices because it would amount to saying that they were going to work to get small crumbs of the cake …

yep not good sales atm

Sales are horrible in codecanyon as well, atleast on my end. Not sure if it is the moment or something is really not working in the marketplace? Must say the last days of november were as bad last year though not as traggic as now.

It has been quite a good month until the 20th. Past 3 days, sales are simply not there and almost at a halt, even though the popular list will say otherwise but I’ve learned to understand that the popular list appear to follow a different set of rules and patterns of their own and not comparable to us mere mortals :sweat:

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@Stuffx and @Typps

indeed, sales have been more and more varying gamely from one time to the other and u have more and more trouble to understand what’s going on and what’s the logics in sale things …

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my sales are fine, but there are days with extremely low (or zero) sales!

I think it’s Thanks Giving in America right about now, so that would explain short term lower sales.

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u maybe right Martin and that’s hard ti identify whether it’s worth the drive creating something for this event by the way …

I’ve the same feeling…sales dropped atleast for last 3-4 days. Any holidays in US?

See my post right above… :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro… Do you know when it comes to an end? This week?

Yes, next week is cyber monday I guess. Big online shopping day, but probably not for professional products like what we sell. :slight_smile: Anyway holiday is over by next week and run up to Christmas begins.

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yes cyber monday maybe interesting for guys who ale banners otherwise … i guess it has very low impact indeed …