graphic river sales

guys how are you on graphic river sales?

horrible! this is supposed to be the last part of the year and this is trash compared to usual! thank u envato as some guys would say lol

can i see your portfolio?

Why do you need permission to do this? :rofl:

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ah I did not know that you could see here on the forum, however strange a few sales with excellent work on the portfolio! mah Iā€™m puzzled

if not here u can just type the name of an author in the search engine and they will give u members and items ā€¦ however u cannot normally display the portfolio of yours here , as this should be considered as advertising ā€¦

but then you had a big drop in sales?

not really big drop but sales for two weeks are definitely lower than usual ā€¦ the problem is that at this stage , at the moment of the year, they should rather take off than drop ā€¦

If you have time to create a killer action you will sell here like a god!

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