20 days no sales.

20 day left still not sale any product. this horrible.
do you have any idea what can i do.

15 day :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because of money crisis :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Its really sad to hear about this. Best of luck mate.

Hi, @graphicganga! I just logged in as you and see that you got 3 sales in the last two days so hopefully sales are back in action for you! I like your logos by the way, nice work!

Perhaps sales are slow because it’s the summer? My only advice would be to submit some new content (I see your last submission was in March), and I would also encourage you to diversify your portfolio by creating/selling in multiple categories, not just logos. You can even create a separate account if you only want to sell logos via your existing account.

Another suggestion - offer a freelance logo design service via Envato Studio.

Whatever you decide, best of luck! :slight_smile:


thanks for support,
I wish to continue selling. and I am giving my bet and continue submitting my product its always hard reject 59 item reject with in 3 month. now i am very frustrated.
thank you.

Usually I have like 20-25 visits per item in analytics wich generates 1-2 sales.
But for latest 3 approved items I have only 4 visits/ each and no sales.
Maybe it’s kind of a “no-sales period” :smiley:

lack of sales are much of issue for lots of us at this time! who’s to blame? search engines and the discrepancy they generate between all guys without taking care of quality but considering quantity only, nothing to be proud of!!!

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welcome to the huge of clubs of badly hurt authors …

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21 day left only three item sale

My item 22 day :slight_smile:

This is my worst month for a few years, one sale this month. Can’t believe it to be honest.

oh my god please help us. what can i say my friend next month 7 July one of my biggest festival and this is my only income source. its very horrible

1 week ago only 2 item sell

starting new month i wish sale are going on continue. not after 20 day left as last month. it very terrible.

You got nice Designs in yourprofile

Maybe you should move into flyers, my forth of July flyers are doing well, (well, one is selling well and the other just started).


One of the best ways to get more exposure to your items is to release new products. I don’t know if it will help but you could consider adding more items to Dribbble just like you’ve done on Behance.

yes it is working but grphicriver not aproved any item till 4 month it is reject my 80 designs. he take same quality product i dont know why. i am giving 186 item.

one week left only 3 sale. this horrible.
do you have any idea what can i do.