15 GraphicRiver Items & 6 Sales in 2 month ! Question please !

Hello Designers :slight_smile:

i am graphic designer with over than 8 years of experience in deferent graphic design agency’s, i have account in GraphicRiver since 2015 but i start selling here in 5 June, 2017, i do a lot of work, all most are rejected, i have make 42 items, just 15 are accepted for now !!!

The question is, is this normal ? for beginner in this market place or i must delete my profile & focus in my real job as graphic designer in the graphic design agency where i work ?

Please share with me you experiences and opinions because I am confused ! thanks a lot designers, Peace & love :heart:

No one can give me feedback ?

Hi! I’m afraid that GR is oversaturated with business card templates. Your design is nice, but the competition is just too intense for you to make lots of sales with BC templates. Nowadays it seems to be getting harder to become a successful GR author.

It’s definitely possible to make a living as an author, but you will know when to take this step. Unless you have someone to pay your bills, do not quit your job. You’ve just started over here and GR will be an extra income and a place for you to test, learn and improve your skills.

Good luck and don’t give up!


thank you a lot bro, this is so encouraging, i will work in parallel 70 % my job & 30% GR :wink:

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