I have 10 items but have no sale. Please give me some advice...!!!

I have 10 items but have no sale … :frowning:

Why you not work on themeforest? it’s good sales :slight_smile: regards.

Thanks for your advice. I’m new here and i just start working on graphicriver but not yet get any sale…

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One thing I have realised in my short time here is that it’s not about the quantity of items approved but their quality that truly matter here. I have seen accounts with over 50 items on graohicriver yet no sales and some with only 2 items or so but with sales soaring over the 50s. Then I noticed one thing. It’s the quality that matters. After all creativity is the variable that determines success in the creative industry.

Another issue that might be causing this is you are probably making things that people don’t really need…

So try this then. Make a resume, PowerPoint, magazine template. You will definitely get sales within days of approval. And when you do. Please come back here and give us your testimony. Till then, stay creative and be creative @san101

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Thanks @evolysdigital ! Your advice really useful for me. The matter i don’t know why is views, views on items are very low…
And I just get first sale :slight_smile:

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Yes I see you first sale on graphicriver :slight_smile: congrats!!! regards.

Thanks @JeriTeam !