I Have no sale Last 1month


I Have no sale Last 1month, Why
Please Help me


It’s very hard to sell Print stuffs because of the huge quantity. Start creating some unique stuffs or actions. In my case:
I have only ONE single item in my portfolio. Uploaded 2 months ago and my Animated Parallax Tool Kit Action is sold 80 times x 8$. So you must create something unique, innovative. Then it doesn’t matter if your account is young, new, old, without followers or items. Be creative and the things will be happen. :slight_smile:


I want to know others problem about my work…plz suggest me… what can I do for my work…thank you


Different item previews, thumbnails, good explanation. Why the customer must buy this product? Where they can use it and what for? You must motivate them. If necessary create video demonstration/tutorial for best results. Be active in the forum, facebook, instagram. Bet on the quality, not quantity. Good luck :slight_smile:


How many sales do you normally get in a month? if it’s 100 then something’s a bit out of the ordinary. If it’s half a dozen, then it could just be normal variance in sales.