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Hello everybody, for first im sorry for not good English writing.
after 2 weeks i was uploaded 4 item for buy, and i do many solutions for promote (like instagram, behancem linkedin) but no one purchases just one item!

what should we do?
can anyone help?

my portfolio

hi indeed, if u understood that u need to self promote , this is hard to advice u any other thing … maybe adding advertising in deviantart and dribbble … however this is also true that 4 items are not a huge portfolio … u need to “make a name for yourself” and that the market gets familiar with u , too , not to mention that summer time is not really the very best time for sales … (unlike what we may think in the first place). At this stage , almost all guys have a decrease in terms of sales, so do not discourage and keep on fighting and doing your best to bring the best items to the table …

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Thanks buddy, im trying to do my best :hugs:

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never give up and keep on doing your best at a time it will pay :slight_smile:

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