The usual traffic but zero sales

I am not that guy who worry too much about sales but when 12 days pass with zero sale then something is defiantly wrong, This never happened to me in the last 2 years, Is there is anyone else is facing the same problem ?

Same :slight_smile: New item but really low Traffic.

Your new blog item seems really nice, Hope you get sales soon


Less visits, no sales on joomla, wordpress…

I am experiencing same here Low Sales Problem for Every Author. Can’t find the logic here

Something out of my interest are you familiar with React Native ?

Well no actually. I only do Native apps

Well, the competition is growing, and many other factors also need to be borne in mind that it is summer now.

Yes I accepted this fact, actually I am kinda of optimistic about the future, We are at the beginning of new era so we might take some hard times until things get stable.