Low Deposits, Earnings and Avg Earnings

Hello colleagues. I notice a big change in referral program.
I wrote and the support, but the answer was unsatisfactory to me.
In the last four months I worked much more than before with referral program, and my profits are much - low.
I deal with marketing for many years and such a thing until now not had happened. Start losing motivation to work.
Referral program is essential for sales on Envato markets. If it does not work correctly - all ending slowly and surely.

Do you have similar observations?

Hey UglyduckBG,
Thanks for your post, I’d like to jump in here and see if I can assist. We actually have an affiliate optimisation team who’s aim is to work together with our affiliates to help them optimise their affiliate activities + maximise their earnings.

Would you be able to let us know how you are currently promoting envato markets and what the source of your traffic is?
We’d be more than happy to review this and come back with some suggestions for you?
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

My problem is not traffic.
My traffic is good.
Deposits based example of 20,000 clicks per month are much less than before.
The bad thing is that the amount of deposits fell a lot. From November of 2016 until now Avg Earnings fell down.
My earnings are two- three times lower.
Deposits are almost always small in size, but it was not so far.
Where are the 20- 30-60 dollar deposits?
Earlier I had depositi : 100, 25, 30, 39 dollars …
Now they do not exceed 11 dollars.
That’s all from me for now.
Greetings to all! :slight_smile:

Just letting you know. Issues about your referral program has been raised thousands of times. Envato has the worst affiliate program especially when it’s compared to its competitors. Do us all a favor and please check what your competitors are doing. That will benefit all of us. If Envato thinks that Envato is known enough and it doesn’t need any affiliates anymore (current referral program is a proof for that ; it’s that bad , really), please think again.

Hi Bedros,
Candid feedback is our best chance to learn and improve our program, so thank you for your post.

You’re right! There are many platform improvements to make to our platform. We’ve built out our road map and have started investing in our next generation. The platform will be launching soon and aims change the game for affiliates in terms of tracking, real time data and the tools we can offer. We’ve also recently expanded the affiliates team to provide guidance, site reviews, content and optimisation services for our affiliates to maximise their earnings.

We’d like to hear more about specific improvements and/or ideas you have for the current program. Perhaps they can be included in our road map.


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Thanks for your reply UglyduckBG,
Since ADP (Author Driven Pricing) was introduced authors have been experimenting with their price + sales so the same items you were driving traffic to a few months may have been earning you $x, are now earning you a lower amount. If the traffic is the same and conversions are the same but your earning less this maybe why… Feel free to email us at market.affiliates@envato.com so we can review your affiliate approach and see if we can optimise at all.