Affiliate program errors, no announcement about it?


I recently noticed that my referral earnings dropped to 0 sales/mo (from several), and it became obvious something was wrong when I referred a user for a Videohive product, she bought it and said she got an error after creating the account through my referral link, but the account was created and item was purchased, only the referral did not work.

I contacted Impact support (affiliate platform), they said it was an issue with the Envato sites so I contacted their contact e-mail. I have received this response:

Some of our affiliate partners may have noticed a decrease in the number of ‘sign up’ actions reported between 3rd - 5th April 2019. A bug in the sign up flow was identified and fixed as a result of a site update. This may have affected a small portion of new users attempting to sign up.

I sent back a reply mentioning that my reported case happened way before this date and that I find it very strange that affiliate partners were not notified in any way about this issue.

I have received no further response for one week now.

I assume that some affiliates (as I do sometimes) actually use paid advertising to refer new users, so knowing as soon as the system doesn’t work is crucial for maintaining a positive ROI.

Anyone encountered a drop in referral earnings after switching to the new program? Was anyone notified about this problem with the sign up system?

I did get one confirmed referred user action yesterday, April 12th, so it seems to be working as expected now.

I have actually first mentioned this issue in February, but I got no reply there either: Envato Affiliate Program is a disaster



You can get in touch with @emile_b ( or hope they will help you out from your issue.




As far I know: A bug in the sign up flow was identified ( 3rd - 5th April 2019) and fixed as a result of a site update.
If indeed your earnings have been impacted in this period, any missed earnings will be calculated and included in your next payout.

If you need any official answer or any query then you have to contact Envato Affiliate Market support.



Thanks for the reply! I did contact emile and got the response I quoted above. (plus the part saying that all missed earnings would be added to next payout, but no more info about how can I see missed referrals)

I did miss earnings, at least one conversion I am certain about because I referred someone I knew, she created an account, bought the product, but got the referral error after registration. But, as I mentioned, this issue happened in February, not 3-5 April. I don’t know how many other conversions I missed, but in the past months I did have more clicks than usual, so I would have expected for increased conversions, but I got 0.

Apart from my own earnings issue, I am just curious about the policy of announcing issues with the platform. As I mentioned, it looks like most Envato staff knew about this issue, but no partners (authors) knew about it as it has not been announced anywhere.

If I am running ads and there’s an issue going on, I would like to know so I can pause my ad campaign until the problem is fixed.


Yes i’m agree with you about this type of issue cause i have face this type of issue.I don’t know why its happen. I think when start new affiliate with third party platform some have to face.I believe it will not happen again and no one can expect that.I hope they will keep safe for people referral earning.


Thanks both @tips4design and @unlockdesign,
I am looking in to the points raised above here.
Will reach back out directly