losing your money after a year

It would be very nice if Envato would have been more clear about loosing the money in your account after one year. I just lost 60 dollar! Not very nice!

It’s written on the page when depositing the money.

Also a notice goes out close to the credit expiration date giving you the option to extend.

Details about this (along with instructions on how to get the credit back) are available here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821380-Why-do-Pre-Paid-Credits-Expire-

This has been discussed many times on the forum

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It does say at the top of the page when you top up your account with credit, but they should have contacted you prior to it expiring to let you know. Either way, if it’s only just expired, get in touch with support and they should be able to reinstate it.

hi, indeed, i understand that u feel not so good about it, however , this is in the general conditions of use and u should have known about it, plus normally envato , as for i know , is normally sending reminders so that people do not forget about the money that they have in their account … Too bad, i wish u could have bought my items instead of losing your money lol kidding lol