Since when does money just expire

Apparently the prepaid credit can now expire. This is pretty ridiculous and a fairly shameless money grab. I never grumbled when there were price increases but this is pretty stupid.


What, that really happened?

It’s always expired after a year. Get in touch with support and they should be able to reinstate it.

As @SpaceStockFootage said - just get in touch with support and they’ll sort it out

Ok I will try that but still it is pretty idiotic to even implement in the first place.

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Please read the help article. Money has to expire, cannot expect Envato to keep hold of it forever. Same reason gift cards expire. Envato actually is much better than everyone else in this regard that they contact you when Expiring and let you renew credits

The state I live in has made it illegal for gift cards to expire. So they don’t. If I have a dollar it won’t simply vanish arbitrarily in a year.

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If this thread has taught us anything, its that it will if it’s a dollar in your Envato account. Although you get advance notice, and it can be reinstated, so it’s all good!

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It’s for accounting reasons. They don’t just want to do it because it’s fun.

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That doesn’t answer anything. Account payables don’t just disappear cause you would like them to.

It’s not an account payable though. Although we can compare it to invoices or gift cards or cash until we’re blue in the face, it’s none of those things. What it is, is a prepaid credit system that expires after one year, which is communicated to you prior to purchase. And although it does disappear, you just need to either top it up within a year, or get in touch with support after you’ve been reminded it’s going to expire, so you don’t actually lose it.

I am a 6 year member, this is the first time I have heard of this.

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It does say it at the top of the page when you make a deposit. I honestly can’t say how long that text has been there, but I’d assume it’s been there for as long as the rule has been in place, definitely before you made your deposit. I’ve been here for six years as well, and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Which isn’t all that long these days, to be fair.

Don’t believe everything you read about people getting their expired deposits back. If the deposit is expired, Envato will not give it back to you. Period. Here’s proof:

Mabeth (Envato Market Help)

Jun 6, 11:46 AEST


Thanks for taking your time to contact the Envato Help Team. This is Mabeth, your Help Officer.

I am sorry to hear that the credit of $14 has already expired. I have checked and determined credit expiration date was March 2016. I’m afraid we are unable to reinstate this credit anymore.

Appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Kind Regards,

Maribeth P

Customer Success
(UTC + 8)


Wow, that is the most idiotic thing I have read. You deposit money as credit and it expires. I really do not know what they hope to gain out of this moronic policy.

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I’m 99% sure it’s a legal thing because they are not a bank and therefore not allowed to hold funds for periods beyond a certain time.

This is incorrect, as people have had their credit restored. It’s only proof that you didn’t get your money back, not proof that they never give it back, period. I can only assume that they’d just been expired for too long, as it was well over a year after they expired that you got in touch with support. From Envato Market Help…

Four weeks before your credits are due to expire, you will receive a reminder email with the option to extend credits for an additional 6 months. If you log into your account during this period, you will see a banner displayed at the top of the screen that will also give you the option to extend your credits (if they have not yet expired).

Credits that have expired recently may be able to be reinstated. If you have recently expired credits, please submit a ticket.

Based on what? In Australia gift cards can have expire dates but aren’t mandated. This about them not being allowed to hold funds is fiction.

I have my request ignored, I also had an issue with an author defrauding me. Despite Envato promising to refund my money, they never did even though they did remove the purchase from my account and removed my negative feedback.

Those issues aren’t really related to credits expiring though are they?

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