Envato takes your money!

Everyone read this.

I have been using envato for a while so i thought it would be wise to deposit a couple hundred dollars along the way.

Well make sure you use every penny off the bat otherwise they will take your money!

Logged in today to see that my money i deposited EXPIRED!!! how does your own money expire. Who does that, I mean seriously what company does that!!!


Everyone does this.

Credits have to expire for accounting purposes. That’s why gift cards have expiry dates.

Luckily you can just send an email to Envato and let them know you’re still active and they will “un-expire” your funds so you can continue to use them.

There’s some details in the “Help” section about this, so head on over there.


and why would they have to ? as long no one uses, it should go on , after all that’s a like the miles and so on that u get out of traveling, u have to collect for ages to have the right to get something but in the end our points expire without u have time to use them so that u feel like this kind of system has no legitimacy … it is not like this is not meant to be used after all … i guess the guy was willing to buy … on the other hand, he soul have read terms and agreements and know about it …

hi, i think that this is regrettable that u lost your money that u had as a credit, but as must know , this is necessary to read terms and agreements in these sorts of cases, as credits, as envato mentioned rightfully so, are expiring after a while , somethign like one year and thus us have to make sure that u use it within this time, this is the rule. Now, u may not like this rule, what i can understand , but this is also a rule and u have both to be aware of it and to abide by it , too … i wish u could have bought my itms with your money instead of losing it lol hahaha kidding but sometimes this is cool to have a bit lighter tone in the conversation and that we joke a bit lol

Nobody has lost money. This is detailed in the link above.

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sorry i did not see it, good decision and smart move, very customer-oriented, well done :wink:

Keep calm and take your money back :smiley:

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Thanks for those who have commented on this thread post. I emailed them before i posted this, still no anwser from Envato… but support from those in the community which i just want to say thanks.

As for the comments about the accounting portion. I do understand
Accounting wise:
the customer gives the company $20 in cash
the company gives the customer a $20 gift card
the company enters the $20 in cash on its books

So far, it looks just like the local retailer who uses cash accounting. But for a company that uses accrual accounting, it doesn’t stop there. The gift card obligates the company to deliver $20 of merchandise to the customer at some time in the future. To represent that fact on its books,

the company enters a $20 liability, called “pre-paid sales” on its books

So a $20 gift certificate, sold by a local retailer who uses cash accounting, puts $20 of cash into the retailer’s drawer. But a $20 gift card, sold by a company that uses accrual accounting, doesn’t add to the company’s revenue, because it’s offset by the pre-paid sales liability.

Eventually, the customer redeems the gift card for merchandise. Then

the company delivers the merchandise to the customer
the company invalidates the gift card in their database
the company removes the $20 pre-paid sales liability from their books
Only after the pre-paid sales liability goes away can the company recognize the $20 of revenue, and any associated profit.

If the gift card isn’t redeemed—if it’s lost or forgotten—then the company can never remove the liability from their books.

I did not however see anything posted to tell me that it was expiring, I had been on this site looking to buy a new wordpress template this entire last week, their was no banner or anything letting me know the funds were going to expire.

Maybe Envato needs to hire one of you talented people to help make sure customers are fairly warned multiple times that their money which they deposited is going to expire.