Envato Earning Expiration?


I know that the credits bought with Envato expire in 12 months and are extended to other 12 months if I make a deposit and so. Like described here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821380-Why-do-prepaid-Envato-Credits-expire-

But I not sure of these points:

  1. I’m an author, also my earnings into Envato expire within 12 months?
  2. If yes, with a deposit can I extend to other 12 months?
  3. Is there any other risk to maintain the earnings for long time to Envato?

Would be fantastic if someone know these details.
Thank you!

Your earnings don’t expire. No issues I know of keeping the money in your account, but it’ll probably be slightly safer in a bank. I think they do send the money automatically when it reaches a certain amount, as they can’t do transfers higher than a certain amount, but I think it’s like $20 to $40K or something. I may have imagined that last part, but I think it’s right!

Ok this sound good. Thank you for the explanation.