Can I leave my income within Envato for as long as I want?

Hey I was wondering, if we can leave the income from Envato into Envato for a long time?


i think when you reach 40 000 in your account they automaticly send it to you.

I’ve always had money on my account. I didn’t withdraw any until about 3 years of building it up, but have never withdrawn all of my funds at once, meaning that I’ve had money sitting there for about 6 years. So as far as I know, it will never just disappear or expire, it will stay there until you withdraw it.

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Here is official answer to your question


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Hi @Aquavitae
This does not apply to earnings. Only to deposits.

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I’ve asked the same 6 years ago and they said that they are not a Bank. But no one said you can’t :slight_smile:

If you do so just be sure that you have a strong password.

but… why!?

or you could just activate “2 step verification”

“2 step verification”?
How? Is it an option?