Deposit extension and automatically withdraw my money



I don’t know where to post and I submitted ticket and hear nothing back from them.

I’ve been member since 2009 few months back I deposited some money and right now I have a balance of $102.00 As of now I have no need to make anymore purchase so my money sitting there. Yesterday I received an email from Envato about Deposit Extension and there is a link in it. I clicked on that link, then it automatically charged me another $98

Who authorized Evanto to charged me $98?

It’s been a while and I do not remember which payment method I used to make deposit. So now I like to know which bank of which credit card they used to charge me $98. There is no place on their website for me to view my payment method.

I like to get some answers for this please.

Thank you


Hi. Please Contact Envato Support Center - Sure They will help you. :


Hi Michael,

Envato Market prepaid credits expire if you do not top up again within 12 months, however we allow them to be extended using the link you have clicked. The credits you have already paid for have now been extended and you should not have any new charges.

You can read more about this on the Help Center:




Thanks for replying and I know that you work for Evanto, so I think you will have some knowledge on my questions. You still have not answered my question above:

  1. Who authorized Evanto to charge me $98 to make it a total balance of $200 to extend deposit? If it means to extend deposit, then why not just put in another $25 or any other small amount to keep the deposit.

  2. Where on the website I can see where did Evanto charged me $98 coming from? Which bank of which credit card or paypal. I need to know the payment source.

Lastly, think the deposit expire policy you have here is a ridiculous policy. So my money just vapor in the sky when it expires? You people steal my money just like that? Not over my dead body.


Good luck to me by contacting them via Support ticket like that.


Hi Michael,

You have not been charged an additional $98 by Envato, this is the amount of your credits that were set to expire and have now been extended.

You can view your account activity on your statement page here:

As there have been no new charges you won’t see a deposit receipt. The Credit Extension is just to acknowledge that you will still be able to use your previously purchased credits.

I hope this answers your questions :slight_smile: