looking for wordpress developers.

looking for wordpress developers. i need to create wordpress job portal for sale on themeforest. all proposals to aloracars@gmail.com

Are you providing the design?

Are you looking for one off costs just to build it i.e. not profit sharing?

I assume if you need someone to build it for you then you need someone who can support and update it going forward too?

i have no design.i need designer and developer. i want to sell theme on themeforest. yes i need support too.

you are going to struggle unless you are a marketing genius as after paying a developer and or a designer, it’s going to be hard to make money from it unless the theme does really well.

You are better off getting a separate designer as there aren’t many people that can code WordPress themes but also design to a high standard (imho)

With respect I think you will struggle - I don’t see what you offer to this deal if you need the designer and developer…

Why would someone get paid by you to design and develop rather than just do it for themselves?

If you cannot write the code etc. then you will need someone long term to support / update the theme.

Someone who can write this type of code properly (let alone design the site too) and who will need to continue to support the theme is going to mean some seriously big budget. There’s no point in doing it cheap because this is a more technical type of site and long term it will break and then you will have wasted your time and money.

I don’t mean this to sound negative but it is a pretty major flaw in the plan plus and just trying to put it in context.

With the best will in the world - this is is a marketplace for industry professionals (or at least very competent amateurs). It is not a place for quick win earning nor is it a place where you anyone can get away with relying on paying others to do everything.

Good luck with your search

thank you for the advice