Looking for similar track to Tennessee by Hans Zimmer


Hello! I’m looking for a similar track to Tennessee by Hans Zimmer from the Pearl Harbor Soundtrack. Mostly like the piano that builds with strings. Thanks!



Not quite, but maybe

Second track without percussion.

Thank you.


Not quite but I appreciate you sharing!


Hi! Please check this items:

Hope it helps you!
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Hi, check this one here, it might fit the style: https://audiojungle.net/item/farewell/6263496


Thank you LuckyBlackCat - the Emotional Piano is pretty good but a bit too romantic/happy.

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Hi lucafrancini - this is definitely more the style! I love the beginning piano notes.

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Maybe too melancholic but similar orcehstration and ambient feel


try this on !

maybe the version without percussion will fit !



Hello! Maybe this one could be useful:

or this:

If you need, we can make to you a custom track. Feel free to contact us via AudioJungle or email tsgm.orders at gmail com


Try to look at my couple of tracks: