Looking For Photo Editor (create background)

I am looking for a freelancer who can retouche this picture into square format so it’s complete filled with running tracks; grass in the back (upper right corner) may be replaced by magenta running track? No need to be said that the lines between the tracks should be correct perspective & sharpness…
Also a sharp path around the runner should be nice, so it can be masked afterwards.
Upscale format to 6378x6378 px (which is 270 mm @ 600 dpi), please make sure the athletic man (runner) is 2362 px wide (100 mm @ 600 dpi). This is important because it is a interior wall print, the carpet on the floor is an abstract running track. Doing so we keep the architect’s concept in mind :wink:
Name me your price and delivery time, please.

Hello :smiley:

Your best may be hiring one for the professional photo editors on Envato Studio.Thanks!

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