Blur Backgrounds rejected

Hi all,
I 've just posted my first files : collection of blured backgrounds 3000x2000 px and optimized for page speed (~40ko each) - no PSD just sending JPEG and PNG ready to use

So sad, I’ve receive this answer : “and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” (Do you think I can re-submit anyway if I make some change ?)

Here is my work :
(any advice will be welcome)




They look OK but they’re not very unique. I would try making something more unique.

Thank you for your reply … even if that is not what I expected because there is a lot of article not very unique on envato…

I understand you cause we can thought blurred bg are not unique but those one are very unique from my work on Photoshop and some personnals pictures.
I gonna work of this anyway and try creating an another collection.

Any another advice ?

My main advice is to browse through items on the site to get an idea of the standard you need to get approved and to get sales, and also think from the point of view of a customer, think what you would find useful and want to buy. The more unique and high quality an item, the more it will appeal to customers. :slight_smile:

Fully agree with you and that’s is exactly what I am trying to do.