My item has been rejected. Please help

Hello, I’m relatively new to Envato and my Illustrator work wasn’t accepted. The work is entirely vector, and the file content is as follows: 841x595 for A4 format, 1296x1728 for a Poster, 1080x1080 for social media, and 1920x1080 for the web. Both EPS and Ai extensions are available for all outputs. Additionally, the files are ready with RGB and CMYK for printing, including guides and bleed. I think i have topographic problem first but what is more i wanna know please help…
This is preview image:

and this is imageset:

Typography is an issue but generally it is not really suitable to a stock marketplace as it would need to be a) more modern and b) more versatile

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When you say it should be “more modern”, could you please eleborate on what aspects of modernity I should focus on or any specific design elements?
When youmention it should be “more versatile” does that mean my illustration should have broader applications or usage? I would appreciate more clarification on this

The style of design is quite old fashioned including style, colouring, and the outlines of the hair and around the text are quite harsh.

By versatility I mean different layouts, colours, options etc.

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Thank you very much for being helpful and providing a quick response to my question. I will take your advice into consideration and make the necessary adjustments. (:blush:

The illustration and text are stretched. Anatomy is totally off. Overall, it looks amateurish. It is easy to see that you are a very beginner in graphic design.

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I’m still new to graphic design. I’ll pay attention to the details you mentioned. Thank you very much for your feedback.:pray: