Looking for a Photo Management Application

Am looking for a system that will enable me upload photos and write a description about it and generate a QR code with the description embedded in it and when i print the photo in high res the QR code is embedded on the photo, when one scans the QR code they get the description of the photo and also are given a link they can follow to view the web version of the photo.

You will not find that out of the box - if you have a sensible budget then you could look for a freelancer on www.studio.envato.com

Given this would not be a cheap or easy build you would want to source help where you have protection from envato

Thanks for the heads up on studio, will head out there and see if i can get a freelancer.

It will be a complete custom project so if somehow you couldn’t find out any freelancer then drop me an email i can deliver top notch solutions and excellent results on the project