Interactive closet

Hello I am trying to find a theme that has interactive closets. I want to have drawers or parts of the closet that can be opened when the customers clicks on it and then see the products under that label. Does this exist? If so where?

Almost certainly that is going to require custom development. (and would potentially be a bit of a nightmare from a responsive/mobile UX perspective)

If you have a realistic budget then you may be able to find someone to help at but I would strongly suggest mapping out the exact requirements and any service providers solution in detail before approving anything

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Thank you! I do have a budget but was trying to research if this was even a possibility.

It might be, but it’s definitely not a basic or budget job

I would suggest looking on - they are vetted freelancers and you have a degree of protection this way. Just make sure anyone offering to do the work is able to clearly explain and demonstrate how it would work in advance.

Ok thanks!