Art Gallery Management

Hello all,

I have a client who is working on a project that is happening shortly. He has purchased the gallery space and has his opening date approaching. Now he needs to get the site built. I am working on the html theme for him, but we need a developer to get the programming done. What we need in a nutshell is a site for users to be able to: register an account, ability to make payment to be added to a group that allows them to upload images, edit image details, edit user info, etc. We need admin panel to be able to manage users and images, payment options, etc. Pretty much a user/gallery management solution.

We need this done very fast. I know their are scripts out there that have many of these features, but we are not interested in the community/sharing aspect right now, just user/gallery management. So I am not sure if someone has something that can be altered or is it needs to be done from scratch.

His budget is flexible and speed is important. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested and we will discuss cost and details.


Bear in mind if you use a theme or template from here that you will need the extended license to do that (quite a lot more expensive).

If you need a freelancer check

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to work with me:


For such thing you will need CMS like WordPress. This si very user friendly CMS.
You can contact me and if you have ready domain , hosting , content , logo etc I can make site for few days.
If you don’t want some custom things.

You can contact me and give me full specifications.