I need help understanding the Envato standard of quality.

I’ve been trying to search online some kind of “guidelines” to upload an item to graphicriver but I can’t find something cohesive.

I’ll try to give as much detail as possible, I really want to understand the platform because I want to go all in.

Settings on Photoshop:

  • 300 DPI for CYMK and RGB
  • Resolution is 8.85x12.96 inches
  • Color profile is sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  • I always include a .ps file already in CMYK and another one in RGB
  • The names of the files are as self explanatory as possible.
  • Files are never larger than 20MB

What I include in the .zip file:


My latest work was this Party Flyer:

I’m open for suggestions. One thing I’ve noticed in the graphicriver is the use and abuse of sfx and 3d elements, and that’s the complete opposite way of my style, I’m more of minimalistic, simple, symmetrical and attractive. Changing the way I design to be successful at Envato is not an option, I’d lose my identity as a designer. I really feel that the minimalism is taking over steps by step, but the Envato team may disagree and completely denied my projects.

I really appreciate some suggestions to take my minimalsitic designs to an Envato standard of quality.

“I’m creative therefore I design” - Angelo Saraiva

Nothing wrong with minimalist, just as long as it has something that isn’t, (complex central graphic, good use of shadow and lighting for background etc)

What you include, geesh, way to much.

I do flyers and include the PSD flie and a help file and that is it.

I have included images of flyers with models in the past and was asked to remove them, so your png files are probably getting it rejected from the start.

I also only sell it as a CMYK, as that is the preferred mode for printing.

I sell mine as 6x8", which is typically almost 100megs, if you sell your ones as 8x9" and under 20megs, then yes your designs are obvious very basic.

I would remove most of the files you have, as you are turning a molehill into a mountain, and then study other minimil designs here, to get a feel for what EM want.

Good luck.


PS click on avatar image then link to look at my ones…