Flyer hard rejected, what's going on?

Hi! I have a problem with my poster, I don’t know why Envato don’t want to accept it.
It is in two formats, ai and psd.

Could everyone help me? I was supposed to receive some tips on this forum.

This isn’t CMYK right?

Yes it is. 8 bits on channel CMYK.

It doesn’t look like one. When going for prints, I’d suggest clear shapes and colors and to avoid images as backgrounds, unless done really properly. This image is a bit scary and that has no commercial value. Also, these blurry effects won’t print properly. Colors are a bit boring too, when doing CMYK, it’s not just about converting in Image>Mode, but actually planning colors and shapes to work with the different coloring system. Hopefully that helps! Thanks!

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Yes, the text hierarchy down the bottom, and the blurry edges, are probably the main reason.