Looking for new theme - customers and one type service provider matching service with open source map - HELP PLEASE


I’m looking for Wordpres theme or plugin with open street maps and functionality as follow.

There is hundreds directory listing themes with ma integrated but all of them are for various business type. I’m looking for only one type of specific business , matching customers with service providers on the maps.

Imagine, one type of business theme directory marketplace, for example garden cutting service.
There is hundreds of themes where company can add their listing on the map so customers can find them but there is i think no theme on the market where customer mark his location on the map and specify area of garden and add on the map (or any other type of business by filling few fields specifies the exact values of his listing so then other customers (service providers) can send their price proposal for this service directly into email of the customer who is looking for this service and also quotation result should be shown on the pointer of the map on the main website so other customers can compare how much they should be charged in case they want to use the same service in their area.

This theme would be perfect matching clients and service providers theme ,where service provider if focusing on giving the best price as this will be shown on the map for other customers references and client don’t need to spent hours on phone call to ask for quotation and always is on the winning position as is able to choose the best quote from the list offered by service providers.

I spent weeks to find any theme which would be the most suitable for this service but I failed.

I really appreciate for Envato users for help by sending me proposal of theme which would fit into this service

I think it would be great theme for many other users who could use it for various one type business purposes

best regards

You basically want something here a customer uploads a brief of their requirements and service providers tender/quote for that?

You won’t find everything you want out of the box and I do think you might run into issues with:

A) the value/need to map where projects/tenders are

B) stating the final cost as a benchmark because this is going to fluctuate greatly depending on the project and different businesses quoting

Hello Charlie

Value should be specified in 2-3 fields which later should be just shown on the map as in most of the wordpress theme with google map integration services for example in real estate themes)

I’m looking for one type of business theme so this 2-3 fields to fill in together with address shouldnt make a big difference for the costing.

I believe that if there is so many well builded themes for real estate, classified, companies directory listing, there is a way to find theme where customers create their listing data and shown on the map and let other customers reply on this pointers and send quotation instead wasting time by searching the best relevant service provider by customers.

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It sounds quite niche and specialist for a stock marketplace.

Have you got a working example of a website like this?


Maybe there would be good solution to propose the theme where usually service providers mark their location on the map and convert little bit theme into theme where customers mark their location and let other users to send quoation as comments into the customer mark on the map? This would do the job someway where service providers competite each other as every service provider would see in comments the other one quotes and customer decide then whether he want to contact one or other company.

Currently what I see - many themes where companies can add their listing and customers need to spent to much time to find specific service provider in their are and then spent hours on phone call or emails asking for quotation.

I wanted to make this other ways around - let service provider spent time to give the best quote based on information provided by customers on their post listed with map mark

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Please believe me , its a niche but for certain type of business make a really big profit.

Example? Sure - https://www.energysage.com/ where customer specify address and fill few fields and then service providers reply with their quote an quotes are visible on the map what help other customers with their decision

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That example helps

I don’t think it’s using a map is it? Or displaying agreed prices? Take these features out (I still think displaying prices will become a problem), and this example becomes a glorified contact form…

  • users submit their request
  • the website uses logic to list/share this with providers in/near that zip
  • providers tender for the work

Obviously there’s more to it e.g.

  • you are handling some very confidential info and facilitating comms between two parties

  • there will be some serious investment needed in very robust (costly) hosting and security

  • you need to be able to vet any providers signing up

  • you need to be able to manage user and provider subscription and profiles

  • the example has other functionality like the loans and calculator which add an entirely new dimension

You won’t find this out of the box but it could definitely be custom built without too much of a headache.

This is probably the closest to a pre-built solution http://preview.themeforest.net/item/the-qlean-cleaning-company-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/20860544

Thanks Charlie

I don’t want to make this so complicated so let me express my needs as simple as possible

  • customer is able to register, then login and make a post as standard in wordpress.
  • as far I know there is many plugins which allow to specify location on some post field so this would mark the post on the map with openstreet engine
  • other customers (service providers) would just search on their area where they operate search on the map users with their post (where they just specify in few words or in few fields their requirements (standard forms in wordpress shoudn’t be hard to customize). Service providers would just reply as a comments with their quotation for the service on that post.

This solution give post owners the best way to get the best quote for service , without being ripping off by service providers).

No need any other functionalilty like on energysage so no loan calculator etc. The best would be to see the quotation like on energysage where you move mouse on the point but this can be shown also as standard on wordpress in content of post comments.

Does this sound little bit easier to find the closest wordpress them which I could modify to match this criteria?

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It shows map, just enter any random US post code on the top right corner and it will send you to webpage with map and with fields to fill in as post

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I went through theme you provided but I don’t see it would match the main criteria so allowing users creating post with map point on it like on many real estate themes where customer is able to add post and mark on the map.
This kind of them would help but without so many categories and filters which are just not need for one type of service matching system I’m looking for as customer just need to fill the form with address, type of service in 2-3 fields and post it and this should be just visible on the main map to allow make comments for each map mark (this comments would be just replies accepted by admin with quote from service providers.

All i know as to much functionality I don’t really need like real estate themes (to many fields required to fill in when you want to make post, required pictures to add which is not necessary for my theme I’m looking for and I think no option to make comments under the post.

Thanks for help if you know in your mind some theme with this quite simple functionality - please let me know. Maybe any classified theme with openstreet map which I would modify only for one category would solve that?

best regards

Map or not this will need custom work (several thousand $ done properly)

You might find something like the link we posted above that has some similar functionality To get started but will still require amends and more often than not trying to add specific functionality into a pre existing theme can cause conflict, complexity and definitely a degree of unnecessary bloat.

Thank you for your help. Maybe some other developer who read forum created theme where customers send his requirements as post with pointing on the map as any other classified and get quotation from service providers in comments already

best regards