I'm looking for template + plug-in advice (Comparison website with Geo included)

Dear community,

I would like to have some advice in which Wordpress template I can use the best for the following use:

I want to create a website where people can fill in their location and ratio in which they want to search for an offer/service. Based on that location + ratio, there will be an overview what offers/services are available. Based on some set speficiations they can compare the different offers. It is important they can sort the different specifications. Besides that it is important that they can see the distance between their own submitted location and the location of the offer/service. That way they can also compare the distance from e.g. their home.

As you can see, a very simple setup. The website should also look simple and clear. E.g. only a limited amount of filtering options on the homepage and from there on they can compare/specify. The most important thing from the homepage is that the user can fill in his/her location and that there is somehow a connection to e.g. Google maps which recognizes the submitted location. I see a lot of comparison theme’s but I’m wondering what you would advice. If more info is needed, feel free to leave a message behind. Many thanks in advance.

With kind regrads,



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

I’m not sure you will find or not your chosen theme at themeforest but you can hire someone who can help to make your theme as you want.

This is Envato Freelancer platform hire someone who can make your theme.



My opinion you can make this type of website with a combination of a theme and plugin. You can hire a freelancer who will be able to do this task by customizing theme and plugin integration.


Hi Guys,

Thank you for replying. I’m actually planning on doing the modification of the website myself. I’m aware that different plug-ins are needed to develop the website to my needs. I’m basically looking for advice/experience in regards to a good base template + recommendations about suitable plug-ins. If you guys have some good tips, feel free to share them. Thanks!