Looking for Music & Sounds for my new Android game on urgent basis

Hello everyone

I am working on block puzzle android game and which is almost done just require some sound and music for my game including background music as music & sound effects for begin game, single line and multi-line clear sounds, fireball collection sound, Level clear, game over, power booster sound, use power sound, frozen block sound, blast bomb sound, refill bomb sound and destroy block sounds required

Also i wanna make sure that sound i am going to purchase are safe to use as assets in my game without any trouble from google or do i need to send them any proof that i have purchased sound from audiojungle?

Help will be well appreciated

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help me pls :confused:

Hey @Scienext! Regarding the type of music you are looking for, can you be more specific? (background music is too general) What genre do you have in mind? Maybe a reference track could help us get the idea.

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thanks for your response @MARiAN as i have mentioned in my post i am making block puzzle game :slight_smile:
also i have mentioned list of sounds i am looking for the games.
I will appreciate if you suggest all sound effects and background music from audiojungle :slight_smile:

Not sure exactly what genre of music you have in mind, but feel free to check out some of my electronic music, mostly atmospheric with a sci-fi, futuristic feel (each pack features tracks that can be purchased separately as well):

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