music suggestions?


Hi. I am looking for some music inspired by or similar to the following IBM video:

Can anyone help in creating something similar or what of I track I could use. I hope someone can help. thanks, Ben.


While not exactly the same, these are my suggestions:


Yes I have two that are very similar to this particularly this first one:

All the best!


These are not exactly the same either, but is made with computers, engineering and electronics in mind:


thanks for the suggestions, but does anyone have anything with perhaps a slightly more upbeat / inspiring tone?


this has more of the upbeat feel I am thinking, but could do with something which has more of a tech feel to the music.


A few more suggestions:

Good luck, it can be a tricky thing to find exactly what you are looking for!


here is my suggestions:
Classical Inspiring:

Good luck with finding a right track!


Chek it out: (it’s a boundle which contain a different versions Hi Tech mood)
And one more: (abstract mood)

Good luck!!


Hi, :loud_sound:


Maybe one of these?



Hey there,

I think this track might be exactly what you are looking for (inspirational but a bit more upbeat)

Thank you for listening!


Please check these upbeat tech tracks. Thanks for listening and good luck with the project!


Here is something that fits in between your examples. Ambient atmospheric feel, but with more movement:



Please have a listen: Upbeat tech with spacy flavours:)


Hi graphikboutique,

this is what you’re looking for:
Corporate Background
Inspire People

have a nice day


Maybe one of these?


Hello, this one:

or perhaps my track Inspirational Days, might work?


Hi! Welcome in my music