Looking for sounds & music to use in my new Android game




I have almost completed my new Android game and I cannot find any proper sounds and music for it. What I need is a background music, stage beginning and completing sounds, button sounds and animation sounds which you will see in video.

I don’t have time more than 1 week and I need your help about this issue. I liked the UI sounds of rop and HOOK.

Keywords for sounds: minimal, puzzle, calmness, relax, mood, creative, nature, echo, rise and falls

Game video:


Hello! Please check this minimal and soft ambient track:

or this:

If you have any questions, just let me know! Good luck in your project!


I would like to propose you this back-ground track: http://audiojungle.net/item/hope/15921596

Good luck!


How about this songs:

Thank you!


Here are a few tracks:

I’ll be glad to help! :slight_smile:


Thank you all, guys :slight_smile: I noted some musics that you shared with me. However I need slow and relaxing musics for players during the gameplay. Fast musics can be tiring.

I will also be very happy if you have proper UI sounds for game.


I don’t have any sounds unfortunately, but here are some track you can consider:

Good luck, your game looks nice!


Maybe this track? It comes with 3 different loops:

All the best with your game!





Thank you, your musics are too fast for this game. Tempo (BPM) 60 - 70 will be better. On the other hand, I liked some audios in SFX links. I will consider them.

Thank you all who shared me with these beautiful musics. However, I haven’t found a suitable one yet.


This Track is similar to “Rop” in term of mood and tone. Let’s try it.


Thank you!!!


Hello, please check this out http://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring-downtempo/15971262
Good luck with your game!


It might be too positive kinda feeling compared to “Rop” but I tried to play along with your game, it’s suitable, in my opinion.


Thank you!!!


http://audiojungle.net/collections/4370999-interface-sounds check this collection, maybe you find something useful. Anyways good luck with your project!


Thank you guys. I added some of this musics and songs to my list. I will also consider them.


Hi @brktn , these tracks can fit:



Thank you all.

I found a suitable track. I am looking for ui sounds only now.


I usually search the music i prefer on YouTube then download it from there for further usages. Or import music from iTunes, which is also a great way to find music.


I’ve published the game :slight_smile: Vovu