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I’m looking for an audio track for a business explainer animation I am making. The animation will have a softly voiced narration over it and it will be read almost like a children’s story. I’m looking for music that is theatrical which has a happy start but which then changes to a sad mood to present the problem but then builds back up to a sound that is more exciting and happy by the end. I think it would be best if this could be presented using string instruments. This could also be presented using two different tracks or with a pack of tracks if needed. The animation will also last between one and a half and two and a half minutes.


Please, check this ambient track:

Also may be this track will be fine (slow beginning and than fast strings melody at the end)

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Hey @digitalmedium!
If I read you right, then check this:


maybe you can find inspiration with these tracks:




I would recommend this one: A Little Duck March.

Moreover, do not hesitate to check out my Children Collection. There you can find music for animations, cartoons, video games etc.

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Hi! I can offer such works:

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Hi, here’s a few pieces, however I could write or re-edit something to picture if you want ?


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Check this out !

Changed !

I’m not looking for anything corporate. The track would be used on a theatrical, creative video.

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added another ! check this now ! it’s called inspiring piano but its orchestral build up !

One example of music for children, but at the same time, it can be the song for corporate videos (it’s already a finished project with the song): - This is a song from the video

And these are ouple of examples similar to your requirements:

Hope it will help you!

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You have mentioned that you might need two tracks. For the happy beginning we have two strings compositions, with the short cuts of 21 sec. That might work for you. It has a happy childish feeling.


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Hi Digitalmedium, Please check this track. Thanks and good luck with your project!

Hi @digitalmedium

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Hi @digitalmedium this my tracks !!!))

Thanks for the suggestions.

I think generally they are sounding too serious. I’d like to hear the kind of music that you would expect to hear in a fairy tale or in a cartoon? Music that is childish and theatrical.

I would like to offer a children’s song.

Another suggestion:

Maybe it will come up.
or that