Looking for vibe based documentary background music

Hi AJ authors,

I’m looking for a vibe-based, mid-tempo documentary background cue that is fairly neutral. Not overly positive or cheery. Not minor key, dark or dramatic. I would prefer something without drums- or at least without snare. Percussion is okay. For comparison’s sake, I want something that sounds like a background track you might have heard on the American medical TV drama “House.”

The video I’m editing has a tight deadline. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Maybe this:

or this:

Maybe this one? There is also version without drums:


We have a nice piano piece, may be it will suit your project.

Hi there, I apologize if this wasn’t exactly what you meant, haven’t watched much House, but here’s our marimba piece with a documentary feel:

Hi there! I loved House but it was a long time ago and the memory of the music has faded away. Perhaps some of these tracks will work!

Yes, some has snares, but not typically 2/4 so I gave it a try. :wink:

I have watched a LOT of House, maybe one of these?


Hi, maybe something like this:

Keep on mind that we can customize every track for your needs, we keep our music projects.

Hi, please check this two :slight_smile:

I can adjust the length of any project if you want.


Hi, maybe something like this? http://audiojungle.net/item/ambient-corporate/15587960

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the help. A lot of great tracks here. I’ve downloaded a few preview tracks to try for the client and will license one of them when I get approval. Best wishes. Keep up the good work!

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Hello, maybe this:


Here are my suggestions (kinda of a doctor feel):

Hey try this one:


Hi! Maybe this track will be OK… :slight_smile:

Hello, promosapien! Check out these two track, maybe they’ll suit your project

take these 8)

Look this items! Hope you like it)

Good luck