Looking for track to explainer video

I looking similar background music:

X-Road Explainer from Tolm on Vimeo.

InYard Explainer Video from Inyard.com on Vimeo.

Thanks for replying!

Hello, try these tracks:

Have a nice day!

Hi Ionoff! Try these track:

May be something like this will work

Hi @Ionoff. Please check these out. Good luck with the project!

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Please visit the site it will help you for sure.

Hi, very similiar

My couple of songs:

Hope it will help you!:slight_smile:

Here’s a few good suggestions for your video, mate:

Good luck with your project!

Is it necessary to use copyrighted music in explainer videos?

Hi, you can check this:


What an odd question! Wonder where this is coming from.

Hello! These should be useful:

Also you may try this one:

Hi @Ionoff try it

Hi! Maybe this music will satisfy your needs:

Hello! Maybe something like this will help you in your projects))

Several different options