Need some music suggestions for a training video.

Hey there,

I’m working on a series of training videos for a manufacturing company. Unfortunately I’m not finding the right kind of music. They are pretty dry scripts so the uplifting, upbeat, inspirational “corporate” music just doesn’t fit. Googling other training videos is bringing up the classic corporate training videos using the 80’s style music. I want to avoid that.
I’m still searching for some example videos I like since I know that would help, but figured I’d post here in the meantime.

I think I just need something to fill in the silence but not necessarily drive it. I should have a rough cut within the next few days which would help determine the feel as well.

I would love any suggestions and appreciate them in advance!

Thank you!


Hi Stephen,

I understand your point. Maybe you can try and take a look at our collection. We have a wide variety of tracks from classical to rock. Also some “non standard” corporate tracks. Here is our portfolio

Hi Stephen,

I’m a video editor as well as a musician, so I know the kind of audio wallpaper music you’re looking for. A lot of the recent corporate music on the site features delayed guitar harmonic riffs and can begin to sound all the same. If you dig deep into the corporate category you will find the right kind of background underscore for your project.

I’ve got many tracks in my corporate portfolio you can check out, but I encourage you to keep looking as you will find the perfect track here on AudioJungle somewhere! Good luck.


Hi Stephen - Take a listen to these background tracks. I would characterize them as non-standard corporate tracks that are interesting and unique; useful for background and filler in videos and presentations. Thanks for listening and good luck with your search :grinning:
United Inspirational

Try the “tech” tag.

Hey. Try these -




Maybe here you will find what you are looking for:

Thanks for listening.


Hi Stephen,

I wonder if these tracks might be of use to you?



Something different?

Hello Stephen, please have listen. Maybe suggestions below will work. Kind regards, Bartek

Hello, Stephen! Perhaps I understood that you look for :blush:

Hi, I think this might fit: News & Sports

I feel your pain about the 80’s music in such videos :smile:

my portfolio:

Hi Stephen,

Maybe I can suggest one of these? Each one is different in style…

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Hi, I would like to suggest this:


Hi Stephen,

I hope you’ll find what you need here. Let me suggest you something ‘different’ out of my portfolio:

Thanks for listening and good luck!


Hi Stephen, these tracks are perfect…

Hello, Stephen!

Can you tell more about the music? What kind of sound do you need (style, mood, feel?)
Our portfolio:

Good luck :smile: