I need a background sound for my video

hi ,

i am currently looking for a sound for a video i want to create for my chat that i will add in my item description if you have any suggestion of a nice sound that can be used for that kind of video please let me know i am not really good with sound but i search for a good sound for a item demo video thanks

Hey man, do you need a simple one sound or the entire song for your video?

Hi BoomCoding,

for music I can suggest:

Hi @BoomCoding, check this

Here’s my suggestion if it suits

Just approved one here

Maybe one of these?

Hi, BoomCoding, maybe one of these tracks.

Cheers :smiley_cat:

Here is my suggestions:

Good luck,

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thanks you to all i have taken time to listen to all of your suggestion. A big thanks again

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Listen this please!!


Hello, BoomCoding!
I can suggest:

What do you think?

Have a nice day!

Try this!


Maybe this could work for you :
Chees :smile:

Hi there!

I leave you my track in case it fits your needs.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

hello again ,

i have one last question for you guys the meaning of this song is to put on my item description and maybe put also my item video on youtube … what license do i need ?

Hello again :cat: Check this desvription!

Standard license should be fine. As long as you are not uploading a series of more than 52 videos per year (1 every week). This would require 2 or more standard licenses.

By the way, feel free to check out my portfolio and maybe you’ll find something you need: http://audiojungle.net/user/jamesvmusic/portfolio?utf8=✓&order_by=sales

You might be interested in these tracks in particular:

Good luck :wink:


will have a look thanks

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Thanks things are more clear now :smiley: thanks for the link

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