Hunting for Authors with quality Sci-Fi music collection.



Hello AudioJungle! VH Author here.

As title says I’m looking for Authors with good Sci-Fi music in their portfolio. This year I plan deeply focus on creating Sci-Fi Titles. But unfortunately I found only lack of quality tracks in this category. Some of them are not so “cinematic”, others are too “epic” or “drama”. And, of course, a lot of “Stranger Things” tracks.

That’s why I came for help here. If you know someone who produce quality Sci-Fi music (maybe it’s you?), please, share a link on this thread. I would really appreciate this. But, please, lets avoid spam.

What I’m not looking for:

  1. “Stranger Things” tracks.
  2. Sounds for Logos.
  3. Popular well known tracks.
  4. Too much “drama” and “epic” tracks

What I’m looking for:

  1. Sci-Fi, hi-tech, digital, cyberpunk tracks.
  2. Quality!
  3. Interested more on cinematic things.

Thank you very much for your attention. And for any help.

Thank you all for such attention to my request. Just a small note, or a tip:
Today “Collections” is really uncomfortable tool to search music. I can’t click on the middle, can’t see a waveform. Much better alternative is to post search result link. Here is an example what I mean. So use your nick and tag that better represents what I’m looking for.

Also I don’t search specific tracks, I look deep in portfolio finding people. Creating list of talented authors. So in the end I will have short and effective sheet of portfolios, from which I will choose music to my items.
Once again, thank you.


I will keep it short :slight_smile:


I always felt this one as a sci-fi song.
Hope you like it.






Hi! :slight_smile:






These might suit, :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there,

These might be useful:

Good luck with your search!


Hello !

Most of my best sci-fi music is bundled in these three packs:

You can also check out my profile here:
Or directly browse throught my Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi collection:


Here is my Sci-fi collection:


Hi there @secondfalseiteration


Check this tracks, right now i’m working on some new cinematic stuff, mostly suitable as intros or main themes for tv series, something similar you can hear in “Blindspot”, “Close encounters”, “Deja Vu”, “Equalizer” so in a few weeks, i’ll post new links here after approval.
image image image


Hi, this sounds like my favorite genre! You check 6 tracks from this playlist. Actually they are little more sci-fi-horror than sci-fi-cinematic but maybe you will find here something:

They can be bought along with others sci-fi and dark tracks here: