Has anyone heard this track? Seems to have disappeared..


Link to Preview Track

Tried Soundizer… no luck. Tried posting here a cpl weeks ago but didn’t get a lot of bite.

Has anyone heard it? Have any idea who the author might be? Or know of any similar tracks??

There’s a reward if someone can find it!


Maybe this


Thanks for the suggestions. The 1st 2 are pretty similar to what I’m going for. Still on the hunt for the right track but those are def in the running.


If I caught more similar then I’ll write you. :ok_hand:


If that track was uploaded in the last 60 days or so, it could have been from the author “PremiumNotesLibrary.” Unfortunately they left AudioJungle recently. It sounds like one of their tracks.



Hey STM - Thanks for the tip.

Can’t say for certain if it was PremiumNotesLibrary - I downloaded the preview track back in late November, so that may have been before his time.

Wow, though. Googling PremiumNotesLibrary brings up some interesting results…

Did you realize that account was fraudulent? I mean I’m sure it happens more often than AJ would like to admit, but strange to think someone could get away with stealing and selling other people’s music so easily.

And as far as I can tell, AJ has no course of action for dealing with these kind of perps! Crazy.

Also, doesn’t it seem like AJ should be able to reference an archived version of the site to at least confirm where a preview track came from even if it’s been removed? Maybe it’s asking a lot, but my company spends a LOT of money with Envato, and it drives me crazy that there’s just no way to confirm what happened to this track.

For all we know, it could still be up on the site somewhere hiding, and despite countless hours of searching, we’ll more than likely never know.


I just did the search after you said that, woww that’s not really a good thing :frowning:


I just wonder where they get so many songs from without watermark? A massive upload!