Hunting for Authors with quality Sci-Fi music collection.


Epic Rise Trailer

Peaceful Intriguing Technology Background

The Epic


Please check out this collection, music for science fiction, stars, space, technology … huge ambient style collection:
Space, Stars, Universe , Future
Good Luck!


Thank you all for such attention to my request. Just a small note, or a tip:
Today “Collections” is really uncomfortable tool to search music. I can’t click on the middle, can’t see a waveform. Much better alternative is to post search result link. Here is an example what I mean. So use your nick and tag that better represents what I’m looking for.

Also I don’t search specific tracks, I look deep in portfolio finding people. Creating list of talented authors. So in the end I will have short and effective sheet of portfolios, from which I will choose music to my items.
Once again, thank you.



Sending some music here:

High Weight

I hope its useful



what about these: (OK, this has “stranger things” in title, but it’s quite different! :slight_smile:




Here are my suggestions:


I know this is a little bit nervious track because the arpeggio, but, BUT with some arragement could be fit…
It just my opinion, but that arpeggio make me feels good.

PS; I love it, a lttle bit electronic? maybe, but the idea…


I have got 2 that are more towards ambient





Hi! Several items from me:


Hey. Im a bit late but i have a few sci fi tracks:



You may want to have a look at my tracks.


I hope this one will inspire you.Thanks


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