Game developement need musics

Hi to everyone

Im working on a sci-fi game actually on steam greenlight.
My game need ambient musics, close to a devastated world/dark/futuristic, ghost towns.
i would like to have something also close to blade runner ambiances.
tracks for the game need to be loopable.
you can also visit
Thanks to every one, i hope your’e going to like my project :smiley:
you can contact me via my email :smiley:

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Check this collection, may be you’ll like some. Almost all the items are loopable

Hi, thanks but those musics doesn’t match my game atmosphere.

Hey! I can’t find your email anywhere but i’m actually working on a spooky-sci-fi-outrun type pack right now. How would I be able to send you a preview?

Hi! Here’s some of my ambient tracks:

If you like it, we can agree on further cooperation and I’ll write something more.

THANKS TO EVERY ONE in found lots of good musicians, and actually i have 3 differents artists working on the abiants musics for the game.

there are two collection effects Sci-fi.

Hello, if You still looking smth dark/ambient listen to my music prods.


Hey! Maby this one?

Nope that doesn’t match to my game abiance.

Hey @imothep85 take a look at this. Maybe fits


Check out some of my tracks

Feel free to cantact me if you need any changes of it if you like my stuff

Hello! Listen to my portfolio! Here’s only some musics from different styles that may interest you. If you need more help please contact me.
Good luck for your project :wink:

If you should still be looking for, I can offer this one