Looking for help/feedback on a PHP Social Network Script.


I’ve submitted a PHP social network script today and it got rejected with the following message:

The live demos of the item can be found here:

  1. User demo (open registration, no e-mail verification required).

  2. Admin demo (username: admin password: password ).

Upload details

Here are the details of the upload:

  • Name: Assemble - The Ultimate Social Network Platform

  • Description: (was large so) uploaded here: https://assemble.erlage.com/item-description.html

  • Category: - PHP Scripts - Social Networking

  • High Resolution: Yes

  • Compaitible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

  • Software framework: N/A

  • Software version: PHP 8.x, MySQL 8.x, MySQL 5.x

  • Demo URL: Assemble – log in or sign up

  • Tags: assemble, social, network, community, social network, fast, modern, php social network, php community, instagram, facebook, clone

  • Price: 44 + 5 = 49

  • Message to the reviewer(was long, so collapsed)

    This item is a social network script. What makes this script different

    from existing social network scripts is its extremely granular

    role-based-access-control. In short: Public, users, and admins can be

    grouped using public, user, and admin roles respectively, and each role

    can be assigned different set of permissions. There are many other

    differences as well like architecturally it’s a web-app and offers a

    much interactive and fast user interface.

    Moving on to the information that (I think) is more relevant for a


    1. The script is written in PHP, without any framework. To simplify

    installation, all composer dependencies (including composer.lock and the

    vendor folder) are included in the package.

    1. By default, the script is in production mode and error_reporting(at

    backend and at frontend) is disabled.

    1. The script supports multiple themes(frontends). The default theme is

    written using HTML, CSS, Dart, Typescript, and Javascript. The frontend

    assets are minified and optimized(deferred and loaded on-demand). To

    streamline development(for anyone looking to modify/create their own

    version of frontend), I’ve included a straight-forward build

    script(gulpfile) that can be used to automatically re-compile, minify,

    and generate an optimized bundle from updated theme files.

    1. The script is using PascalCase for table/column names(but their use

    is consistent). One small thing, I’m using a wide monitor for

    development and about 2%-8% lines(2% in PHP and 8% in HTML) are longer

    than 120 characters. I’m looking into using a formatter to wrap those

    before push but most of formatters results in mis-aligned HTML(because

    I’m using Ractive, mustache-like syntax).

    1. The script is using prepared statements. IIRC, almost all queries are

    carried out by DatabaseController.php and Query.php. This script also

    support a strong CSP deployment(enabled by default). A short overview on

    security measures can be found here: https://assemble.erlage.com/security-measures.html

    1. I’ve attached a copy of LICENSE of all the third-party

    code/libraries/tools used. A detailed report can be found here: https://assemble.erlage.com/third-party.html

    This is the initial version of this script and there definitely are many

    more (exciting)features in making which I’m hoping to incorporate and

    release as part of the future updates. I’ve tried my best to prepare,

    pack, review, and submit this item but do let me know in-case I missed



Since I’ve no idea why this item got rejected, I’m looking for your feedback/help. The most important question that I’ve right now is whether I can proceed with this item(I mean whether there are changes that I can make to this item) or my item is just terrible(even though I’ve invested almost a year in it)?

Let me know if there’s something more that I can share.

thanks for reading and your time!

Looks like a basic WordPress blog theme. Nothing special considering the features.


Actually, I was working on more features but I thought I should release the script to see if it passes the review. Because I was concerned about the other parts of the script mainly the frontend part as I’m using Dart instead of JS.

I don’t know exactly how to move forward with it? I can complete the features I was working on, chats and payments(admin’s ability to sell roles), and I’ll be OK with getting the item rejected one more time but I also want to make sure that there isn’t something obviously wrong with the item(because reviewer rejected it just 2 hours after the upload). Like maybe they don’t allow using Dart instead of JS, or maybe they rejected it because I was compiling HTML files(so difficult to customize for non-technical users) or maybe there’s something else. Like I found that logo isn’t quite easy to change so one more issue.

In short, I really want to know whether:

  1. The item is hard-rejected but there are changes that I can make and retry.
  2. The item is hard-rejected and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I saw that many hard-rejected scripts got accepted if issues are addressed properly so I’m hopeful but at the same time I don’t think I can do it alone so I’m looking for any help that I can get.

The design is not really good as well as there’s not much features. Both of these are enough reason to reject the item. I could just use a free WordPress theme with a free WordPress plugins to achieve something like this in few hours with almost no afford.

You can improve the item ( not polish ) and submit it again. If it’s rejected once or twice, DO NOT submit it again but from this stage, you will have to work another 5-6 months to add “proper” features and it’s risky if those are not good enough as well.

My opinion, find a better idea.

Your previous item is exactly like Instagram, I don’t know why or how it’s been approved but it would cause legal issues later as it’s not inspiration, it’s a replica. Compared to that item, this doesn’t have anything. That item at least has pretty nice features ( same as IG )

The previous item has admin panel but not good enough so people complained. This time, I think I’ve invested too much resources in admin area(roles in particular), definitely more than required on things that I could’ve added later so now I’m left with a product that has a blank user area(compared to the existing popular social network scripts).

I think I agree with you that I should be doing something else. Probably something little and simple.

I can offer few things if you’re good at jQuery. I’m always in need of some good developer for my TF/CC projects.

That’d be great. Thank you!

I did use jQuery in many projects, including a social network script that I used to sell on CC but that was long ago(screenshots of that item can be seen here https://web.archive.org/web/20191228145356/https://codecanyon.net/item/fasebook-social-network/20045878). Not sure if it’s good enough but I’m OK with trying things out.

I do jQuery as well but I need “advanced” level.
Drop me an email via this form, we can discuss the details