php social network

php social script when opened up in an app it doesn’t save the remember me login details. Any one got any advice ? people having to retype in their details in the app created.


You can contact with your item authro hope they will help you out from your issue


i have teied contacting the author but not heard anything

what is the item support time from that author ?

ohhh not sure it was a few weeks ago when i tried to contact

what is your item name ?

its the php social. social network platform

Please tell me Exact name of your item

This one ?

Then this is your item support with that item author @codefir

You can ask your question from there. Their support time maximum 2 days if they didn’t reply to you before that then you can open Envato Help Ticket issue a dispute against that item author or ask a refund.

Hope you will understand.

let me know any other question.


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sorry image not there

thank you for taking time to help me

@webchambers - you’ve been replied both times within a couple of hours. Both back in March 23, and in April 5. Make sure the email you’ve used to sign up is the email you’re checking for replies.