Amazing social marketing tool - But rejected - Need your help

Hey Guys,

I’ve built this Qpost - Social marketing tool, using which we can post to multiple social networks eg facebook, twitter, instagram, i submitted it to codecanyon and got rejected describing the standarad rejection message “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”, Need some feedback from you guys as you guys have successfully submitted items to codecanyon and have greater understanding how things work. Some of the questions i have like do i need to rethink about the script concept or i need to improve the script and what can be potential reasons for rejection.

Below is the link
password: admin123

Your help is really appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Chirag Ardeshna

I would be a little unsure about the suitability for a stock marketplace -

  1. It’s positioned as a subscription platform which creates licensing considerations

  2. It would prevent it bring especially unique if lots of people are to buy and setup a copy

  3. The ongoing updates and bug fixes to meet the ever changing network updates would be a colossal job and far beyond either what a buyer could do or that you are going to want to do long term

There’s also several serious considerations in terms of security, hosting and data

First of all Thanks charlie4282, really appreciate the response.

Yes that is true, this will lose it’s uniqueness as of subscription platform, and serious security considerations are there if buyer don’t secure server properly.

But if i place it as an individual script, only the person who purchase can configure and use the script, then there won’t be such a problem i believe.

What do you think on this. I’ve spend 7 months working on this.
Feels like there should be some guidance program who guides authors up front.

That’s not how it works - you can’t sell one-off sale product here, all items are open to as many people as who wish to buy it

Yes charlie4282, it will be available to all buyers, but it won’t be a subscription platform, just the script that they can use to enhance only their social media presence.
Do you think than it will be suitable for marketplace or i just need to completely scrap this project?

That would work - still think you may unintentionally be inviting a lot of update and buyer query work but otherwise it seems workable

Yeah i’m happy to provide the support and query work, but i want to give them something that they can take advantage of.

Thanks charlie4282